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At Smart Trader, our dedicated team is committed to developing top-tier trading tools specifically tailored for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Elevate your trading endeavors by harnessing the capabilities of Smart Trade, available to you at no cost! Smart Trade introduces the cutting-edge Method Sniper, a feature designed to empower traders with a data-driven approach to trading decisions. By providing users with advanced insights and analytics







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Ecosystem Development


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About Us

We are an experienced, dedicated team passionate about achieving success. With years of expertise in our fields, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Our honesty and transparency are the pillars of our work approach. We are determined to make things happen, bringing innovative and effective solutions to every challenge we encounter. Join us on our journey to success. Your success is our goal!

Roadmap Make Unique


Phase 1

Foundation and Market Entry

The team will be developing the core functions of the trading platform, including real-time data integration, indicators, and execution capabilities. An intensified marketing campaign will be launched to attract early adopters through influencer collaborations, social media engagement, and forum interactions. The establishment of an engaged user community will be pursued by leveraging official communication channels and introducing a referral program. Partnerships will be formed with reputable brokers to ensure the listing of the token and enhance liquidity.


Phase 2

Advanced Trading Features and Expansion

The introduction of the data-driven Method Sniper tool is planned, enabling precise trading decisions. User feedback will guide the refinement of the Watchlist and Scanner features, with an emphasis on customization options. Preparations will be made for the Platform Staking feature, encompassing mechanics and incentives.


Phase 3

Metaverse Development

The conceptualization of the Metaverse will commence, outlining its structure, interactions, and virtual environments. Initiatives will be set in motion for integrating an NFT marketplace, providing capabilities for minting, trading, and showcasing. Anticipation for the forthcoming Metaverse and NFT marketplace will be generated through strategic marketing efforts.


Phase 4

Metaverse Launch and Expansion

The beta launch of the Metaverse will invite users to explore virtual spaces and interact with avatars. Implementation of the NFT marketplace will facilitate the creation, trading, and artistic engagement with NFTs. Valuable user insights will be gathered to refine the Metaverse and NFT experiences. Collaborations with esteemed brokers will be reinforced, expanding the range of token options.


Phase 5

Enhanced Ecosystem

The Metaverse's appeal will be broadened through the addition of new spaces and interactive elements. Token rewards will become available as the Platform Staking feature is introduced. Collaborations with various projects and artists will enrich the NFT marketplace's content offering. A dynamic marketing phase will spotlight the platform's advanced attributes, Metaverse features, and NFT potentials.


Phase 6

Ecosystem Maturity and Scaling

Based on user input, the Metaverse will evolve, introducing fresh activities and experiences. Expansion efforts will target new markets and communities on a global scale. Strategic partnerships with virtual reality hardware providers will enhance the immersive Metaverse experience. Stability, security, and scalability will be prioritized for maintaining a robust ecosystem. A continuous commitment to innovation will drive the introduction of novel trading features and ongoing improvements to the NFT marketplace.


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